AirWatch 9.1 online

VMware has released version 9.1 of AirWatch. But it´s not only a bugfixing update, it brings new features for MDM admins.

Some points of the Release Notes:

  • Introduced Remote Management v4.0 for Android and Windows Rugged devices.
  •  Added additional admin console notifications.
  • Enhanced admin panel license information.
  • SSP login page redesign and customization.
  • Disable Captcha setting.
  • Workspace ONE labels in Device List View.
  • Added certificate profile batching for Android and Windows.
  • Added support for MessageMedia.
  • Added SQL Server 2016 support for the AirWatch database.
  • Updated the .NET version requirements for AirWatch components and servers to .NET 4.6.2.
  • Updated the on-premises installation process to require an installation authentication token.
  • Updated the on-premises installation process to include the Identity Service as a feature.
  • Added dedicated reports storage.
  • New Reports: enhanced reports include Application Details by Device, Device Inventory, and Devices with User Details.
  • Changed the default setting for Historic Sampling to not save historic data that typically has not been used by most customers. Previously, it was turned on by default and could cause performance issues.

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