BlackBerry Secure portfolio update

BlackBerry is updating its own Secure portfolio. Most of the new options/policies/skills will come with BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM), but the other software solutions will also get new stuff.


BlackBerry is one of the first EMM solution providers who is applying Mobile Application Management (MAM)-level protection policies to the popular Microsoft Office 365 application on iOS and Android devices. So BlackBerry is one of the first EMM providers outside of Microsoft to protect Office 365 on iOS and Android.

BlackBerry Workspaces

BlackBerry will roll out DocuSign Integration and Document Read Acknowledgement  as new functions for the DRM solution Workspaces. This will also enable users to use inline comments and @mentions to notify other members.


BlackBerry UEM now provides IT departments with the ability to enact specific policies that simplify the provisioning and deployment of watchOS and Android Wear devices, optional with geofencing capabilities.

BlackBerry 2FA and BlackBerry Enterprise Identity

  • Cloud Support
  • Direct Authentication
  • Software OTP Tokens
  • VPN configuration in UEM console
  • Custom SAML

BlackBerry Analytics

  • track daily and monthly usage
  • device type
  • user engagement for your custom applications
  • 3rd-party Dynamics applications
  • BlackBerry Dynamics applications

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