The AppConfig Community for EMM solutions

App developers have to choose the way they are making their services available for EMM system: SDK or Wrapping. But then they have to code a version for each EMM solution. The better way is AppConfig.

The AppConfig Community is focused on providing easy and secure implementation of mobile apps.

They provide a standard framework for enterprise app configuration and security based on native operating system standards and the AppConfig common schema.

Business benefit:

  • secure work-ready apps
  • minimal setup
  • leveraging investments

User benefit:

  • instant mobile productivity
  • out-of-the box experience

So every member ensures, that their EMM solution and / or apps can provide:

  • App configuration
  • Security Policies & Access Control
  • App Tunnel
  • Single Sign-On

Besides the EMM solution vendors, ISVs as AppConfig Community Members recognize the importance of such a standard.

Take a look at the Members page who is already providing AppConfig.


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