New features in Apple iOS11.3 for EMM

Apple is testing the new iOS version 11.3 and they will implement some new features for EMM / MDM systems.

  • Switch Bluetooth selectively on and off
  • Display Layouts with web-clips
  • Restriction profile now allows administrators to disable the setup function from nearby devices during device setup
  • Specify for supervised devices a number of days by which a software update should be delayed (max 90 days)
  • Reinstall system apps which where deleted by user
  • Policy for FaceID for AutoFill
  • Disabling the access-protected USB port popup
  • More detailed inventory
    Availability of App-Updates (true/false)
    Source of an app:
    VPP-App (true/false)
    TestFlight app (true/false)
    Ad Hoc App (true/false)
    AppStore app (true/false)

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