Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer in next Windows 10 version

With the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, Microsoft is pursuing the goal of making diagnostic data collected by Windows devices and their use transparent and giving users better control over this data.

In addition, the Microsoft Data Protection Dashboard allows you to view and manage more data associated with a Microsoft account. These changes are part of major improvements that Microsoft will be introducing now and in the coming months.

The Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, which will be available through the Microsoft Store, provides insight into diagnostic data from Windows devices and offers the option to search and work with that data. The diagnostic data displayed in the Viewer menu includes:

  • General data
    such as name and version of the operating system, device ID, device class or the selection of the diagnostic level
  • Configurations and properties
    for peripheral devices and network connections
  • Product and service data on
    device status, performance, reliability, and consumption of audio and video files. (Important: This function is not intended to record the viewing or listening habits of users)
  • Information about the use of products and services,
    including information about the use of the device, the operating system and individual services
  • Software setup and inventory
    including installed applications and installation history as well as information about device updates.

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