BlackBerry UEM12.8 and Clients – What’s New

BlackBerry has implemented some new functions in its own secure platform, which we would like to introduce to you here. In addition to Microsoft GRAPH and BlackBerry UEM, there are other new features that will be available with the release of UEM12.8. First a few highlights.

  • Securely use Microsoft mobile apps with BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE. By making Microsoft’s mobile apps seamlessly available from within BlackBerry Dynamics applications, such as BlackBerry Work, users will now have a consistent experience when opening, editing, and saving a Microsoft Office 365 file such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word on iOS® or Android™ devices.
  • Unplug from work afterhours. With BlackBerry Work’s new Do Not Disturb feature, enterprises can block email and calendar notifications for their employees outside of normal business hours. This feature can be overridden by individual users.
  • Keep your personal number private. With BlackBerry WorkLife, outbound calls on a BYOD device use an employee’s desk number, not their personal number, which keeps their personal number private. This desk-to-mobile convergence also allows employees to place calls on their BYOD phone by just dialing desk extensions, and more importantly ensures that enterprises in regulated industries can maintain call recording to ensure compliance.
  • Share photos, videos, PDF’s and other files on persistent group chats within BlackBerry Connect.

There are many more new features on BlackBerry UEM for KNOX, Android, iOS, Windows, Profiles, Management console, JRE, and UEM clients. All information on BB10QNX.

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