iOS 11.3 & macOS 10.13.4: New MDM features

As posted in January, Apple will give iOS11.3 and macOS 10.13.4 new MDM features. Now we got new information:

  • Delay the user’s ability to see and install iOS updates on supervised devices. Default is 30 days, maximum 90 days.
  • Specify an iOS update by version number when using the ScheduleOSUpdate command on supervised devices.
  • Prevent contacts in managed accounts from being used in unmanaged apps or accounts. (Contacts now obey existing managed data restrictions.)
  • Disable USB Restricted Mode on supervised devices.
  • Enable and disable Bluetooth on supervised devices (if Bluetooth settings are not restricted).
  • Determine whether an installed app has an update available, came from the App Store, is an Enterprise app, is a beta, and is assigned to the device instead of a user.
  • Arrange Web Clips with the Home Screen Layout payload.
  • Skip the Proximity Setup screen during initial setup after using the EraseDevice command.
  • Skip the Privacy screen during setup.
  • Require teacher permission for a student to leave an unmanaged class in Classroom.
  • Restrict the Remote app to connect to specified Apple TVs.
  • Re-install deleted system apps with the InstallApplication command.
  • MacOS Setup Assistant: Skip Cloud Setup, Siri Setup, Privacy Setup, Cloud Storage Setup


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