How-to Android Zero-Touch Enrollment

Zero-Touch provides simplified (mass) enrollment and enterprise binding for Android devices. Depending on what EMM system you are using administrators having multiple options for activation.


  • BlackBerry UEM12.8 / MobileIron Core 9.7 / AirWatch 9.2
  • Android Oreo
  • Devices from approved reseller
  • Google Account mapped on company domain
  • Registered Zero-Touch account

Only approved devices delivered by approved enterprise resellers are supported!

Zero-Touch Account and first device purchase

  • Create a mail account on Google, which is mapped on the company domain and has an alias on an existing mail or is a stand-alone mail address.
  • Purchase Android Oreo devices and forward the Zero-Touch mail address to the approved enterprise reseller.
  • On your first purchase the reseller will register the company via the Zero-Touch mail address on the enrollment program.

Dashboard / How-To setup configuration


  • Add and prepare the user for activation in the EMM system.
  • Activation types:
    UEM โ€“ only COBO (Workspace only (premium))
    MobileIron โ€“ COBO and COPE (managed device and work profile)
    AirWatch โ€“ COBO and COPE
  • Setup the EMM configuration regarding to the activation system on the Zero-Touch Dashboard for the user device.

Device Setup

  • Device will start with the first steps of the Android Wizard.
  • After the device has an internet connection the EMM agent which you have configured in the Zero-Touch dashboard will be installed and ask for the activation credentials.
  • If the device is activated as COPE the user is able to add his personal Google account.
  • Slides:

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