Google: Publishing private apps will be simplified

In the near feature it will no longer be necessary to upgrade the Android Enterprise Admin account to a developer account to host internal apps.

This is a mail which was posted in our german partner forum:

[IMPORTANT] Updating the Managed Google Play Agreement

Dear Administrator,
The Managed Google Play team is about to simplify the process of publishing private apps to make Managed Google Play even easier to use.
Previously, private apps for your organization could only be published through a Google Play developer account, which had to be kept separate from your G Suite administrator account. We’ve received customer feedback that publishing private apps is unnecessarily complicated by registering for another account. It also allows for multiple sign-ins, which complicates switching between consoles.

If your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provider has enabled the new private app publishing process, a Google Play developer account will automatically be created for you. This allows you to publish Android private apps directly from your EMM console. The first time you use this process, the Google Play developer account will be created for you. As an administrator, you won’t have to register for an account yourself. This also eliminates the $25 setup fee and switching between consoles. However, the automatically created developer account can only be used to publish private apps.

As part of this transition, we will also update the Managed Google Play Agreement to include the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement.

Recommended actions

Read the updated agreement carefully. It will come into effect automatically in 30 days. Shortly thereafter, you can use the new procedure to publish private apps.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your EMM provider.
Many greetings
Your G Suite Team

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