Android Enterprise Recommended expands: EMMs are now also listed

Google has extended its own Android Enterprise Recommended program and now also lists EMMs. The program was initially started with handsets and is now being expanded. As an admin you now have the possibility to recognize certified EMMs at a glance.


Android Enterprise Recommended EMM solutions provide an advanced set of management features that address a broad set of use cases from employee-owned to corporate-owned deployments and are backed by certified personnel with expertise and experience deploying modern Android device and app management.

EMMs will be required to have their solution offering fulfill standard feature validation + advanced feature validation across two management sets to be eligible for Android Enterprise Recommended designation.

Furhter details:

  1. Advanced features across multiple management sets
    Management sets
    Solution offering will be validated against Advanced features for at least two of the following Android Enterprise management sets:
    – Work profile management
    – Full device management
    – Dedicated device management
  2. Demonstrated technical leadership with Android Enterprise
    Guidance on setup with Android Enterprise
    -Product standardizes on Android Enterprise-based management methods as the primary method of setup for Android device management for new deployments of compatible Android devices to clearly help customers set up with modern management.
    – Documentation and/or guidance that clearly outline for customers how to set up the various Android Enterprise management sets that partner supports including guidance for new deployments and migration to Android Enterprise.
  3. Enterprise level support
    Established support structure with Google
    Partner will have trained personnel available to assist with customer deployments with process to manage escalation of issues with path to engage Google as necessary.
  4. Proven ability to deploy
    Proven experience
    Partner will have demonstrated experience in being able to deploy Android Enterprise with an established base of successful deployments.
    Field sales readiness
    Partner will ensure availability of field expertise on Android Enterprise regularly trained by Google across customer engagement teams to deliver relevant, up to date product and technical knowledge.

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