Samsung will deprecate Knox Platform for Enterprise features duplicated in Android Enterprise

Samsung Workspace, Knox up to version 2.x, relied on DeviceAdmin. This will no longer be available in Android Q and the task will be taken over by Android Enterprise. Therefore Knox in version 3.x+ also uses Android Enterprise as technical basis, called Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE). This resulted in a double policy set in some areas, which are cleaned up by Samsung.

Samsung: Unification becomes Harmonization

I will describe the current situation using an example:

  • Bluetooth can be deactivated/activated in the Android Enterprise Policy
  • Bluetooth can be enabled/disabled in the Samsung Knox Policy

If an admin has configured these two policies in the opposite direction, the one with the higher security risk was pulled, so Bluetooth was deactivated in this case. To reduce confusion and simplify clarity, Samsung will discontinue KPE standard and premium features and APIs that are duplicated or not used in AE.


  • Late 2019: Android Q and Knox 3.4.1 release on Samsung devices
    KPE functions and APIs that overlap or are not used with AE are discarded. They will continue to work in Android Q, but are documented as obsolete.
  • Q4 2020: Android R Releases on Samsung Devices
    Obsolete KPE functions and APIs are now obsolete and no longer work on Android R devices.

If you are afraid that you will have less possibilities, you can rest assured. In addition to the standard set there is also the possibility to distribute device guidelines via KSP (Knox Service Plugin) to the devices via OEMconfig.

Samsung is working on OEMConfig App | Common Client Library for shared use of KME and Zero-Touch

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